Digital inclusion to improve A&E experience


Can digital inclusion help patients interact with more appropriate services to their needs, giving a better service to them and reducing the strain on A&E?

Blackpool Victoria Hospital is working with local health organisations and departments to investigate ways that digital inclusion might be able to help people access information or services that are more appropriate.

A&E can be a very distressing place to go and is often not even the best place to get the care or information that people need.

This pathfinder is a collaboration between the trust, Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), third sector support organisations and the wider health eco-systems.

The documents below will chronicle the insights that we are gathering and the reasons behind what we have tried.


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Pathfinder documents

Design session 1 – User Insight

A write up of the first design session held with the CCG, medical professionals, community organisations and patient representatives.

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Design Session 2 – Stakeholders

A write up of the second design session where we spent time with local stakeholders including paramedics, out of hours colleagues, patients and managers

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Design Session 3 – Model design workshop

A write up of the third design session where we spent time with both neighbourhoods to finalise their models to test in the Pathfinder.

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