Young carers and their wellbeing in Bradford


Can digital improve the wellbeing of young carers and their dependants?

MYMUP is an online platform that is helping support young carers with their resilience and mental health. We are working with them to discover the ways that digital support can improve the lives of young carers and also increase access to health information for the people that they care for.

As a wave 2 NHS WDP pathfinder, Good Things Foundation is working in partnership with MYMUP, local 3rd sector organisations and education establishments to be able to work with the young carers


People engaged in the Pathfinder


People supported
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Digital Champions Recruited

Explore our pathfinder activity in Bradford

Pathfinder documents

The Pathfinder Story

Read about the successes and lessons from this pathfinder and what we would do differently if we tried this in another area

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Case Studies

Case studies on the way that the MYMUP platform has helped individuals in Bradford

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Alpha Review

A report showing the findings from the first 6 months of the Bradford pathfinder and the iterations that will take place for Beta

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Pathfinder report

An evolving document tracking the progress of the Pathfinder

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Design session 1 – Stakeholder engagement

A write up of the first design workshop with stakeholders where we began to understand what currently happens and what our perceptions of users are.

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Design Session 2 – User Insight 

A write up of the second design session where we spent time with users understanding their needs and the pressures that they are under

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Design Session 3 - The model

Using all of the information we had gathered MYMUP designed a model to engage users and help them using the MYMUP platform

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