Digital Health with those who are homeless


Can we replicate the findings from Hastings to see how digital can help the health and wellbeing of those who are homeless in 2 other areas?

We are working in two new areas to replicate the success of the Hastings pathfinder.

We will be working with 999 Club in Lewisham and Addaction in Wigan so they can further stress test our findings.


People engaged in the Pathfinder


People supported
in depth


Digital Champions Recruited

Pathfinder partners and models

999 Club in Lewisham Addaction in Wigan

Read the user research and day one model Read the user research and day one model

Pathfinder documents

Stakeholder Design Session

We held sessions with all the parties and also Crisis from Birmingham (we were hoping to work with them as well but couldn’t unfortunately)

Read the report here

User Research

Spending time with people to understand their lives a little more and where (if) the model may be able to add value

Read the report here