A Digital Health Hub on the High Street in Nailsea


Can a physical space on the high street help support people to improve their digital health literacy?

Nailsea Town Council purchased the old butchers shop on the High Street – 65 High Street. Their vision was to turn it into a community space that can help Nailsea residents improve their lives through engaging with digital technology and their heath.

We worked with the town council to design the physical space and the activities available at 65 High Street. It has quickly established itself as a key part of the community providing a free, comfortable space, where people can find the support they need.

As a wave 2 NHS WDP Pathfinder, Good Things Foundation worked with Nailsea Town Council Clerk Ian Morrell to consult with residents to understand how to design the space to be most effective.


People engaged in the Pathfinder


People supported
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Digital Champions Recruited

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Pathfinder documents

How to Guide

A guide to how to design and set up Digital Health Hub on the High Street

Read the guide


Evaluation for the Digital Health Hub on the High Street

Read the report

Case Studies

A collection of case studies demonstrating the variety of help that can occur in a digital health hub

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Pathfinder Alpha Evaluation

A chance to take stock and see what has been working well and what to iterate for beta.

Read the report

Pathfinder report

An evolving document tracking the progress of the Pathfinder

Read the report

Design session 1 – Stakeholder engagement

A write up of the first design session held at 65 High Street.

Read the write up

Design Session 2 – Pop-up shop to test our ideas

A write up of the second design session where we opened up 65 High Street for 2 days to test our ideas and speak to residents about what they need.

Read the write up